Something does, on occasion, fall from a torch. A bit of pitch.
Karl Kraus (F 279-280: 5)


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20 March 2015


New translation: Night, selected aphorisms

Night” constitutes but the beginning of what shall become a larger selection of Karl Kraus’s aphorisms in English translation from the time period between 1912 and 1919—the time period serving as the basis for Kraus’s third and final volume of aphorisms entitled Nachts. As such, the title given to this selection of Kraus’s aphorisms here may be somewhat misleading. Kraus not only published the aforementioned volume of aphorisms under that title, he also published selections of aphorisms in Die Fackel under that title (see F 360: 1-25, F 376-377: 18-25, and F 381-383: 69-76, for instance). The selection of aphorisms presented here all originate from Die Fackel—be it the aforementioned “Nachts” pieces or other selections of aphorisms published in Die Fackel between 1912 and 1919. And this selection makes no claim to being a complete translation of either Nachts, Kraus’s final volume of aphorisms, or any other selection of aphorisms published in Die Fackel. The title is intended only as an indication of both the context of these aphorisms and the time period in which they were written and published.


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