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a bit of pitch is a blog and translation panel dedicated to publishing selected writings of Karl Kraus in English translation with the express aim of one day being able to provide a more or less representative selection of Karl Kraus’s writings to an English-speaking audience. Unless otherwise stated, all translations presented here have been prepared by us and are translations of writings from Kraus’s Die Fackel and not from any of his book publications.

Because a bit of pitch is a hobby website and because our day jobs demand much of our time, energy, and nerves, we will be publishing translations in irregular intervals and reserving the right to select Kraus’s writings for translation on the basis of whim, interest, and the likelihood that we can deliver something resembling a quality translation. See “A preface: introducing a bit of pitch” for more.





Peter Winslow is a professional legal translator and holds a BA in philosophy from Southern Connecticut State University and an MA in German/Austrian studies from the University of Connecticut, where he wrote his MA thesis on the relationship between Karl Kraus’s use of juxtaposition and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s language games. He lives in Lüneburg, Germany, with his wife Kirsten. You can follow him on Twitter here.




Brigitte Stocker lives in Vienna, Austria. She is currently working on her Habilitation “Das satirische Zitat” (“Satirical Citation”) and a number of other things. She studied German Studies at the University of Vienna. The title of her dissertation, which has been published by the LIT-Verlag, is Rhetorik eines Protagonisten gegen die Zeit: Karl Kraus als Redner in den Vorlesungen 1919 bis 1932 (A protagonist’s rhetoric against the times: Karl Kraus as speaker in his readings from 1919 to 1932). You can purchase her book here. You can follow her on Twitter here.




Katharina Prager is a cultural scientist and historian. She works as a researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography and the Vienna City Library, where she is currently reorganizing the Karl Kraus Archive and creating/editing Karl Kraus Online. She has written a biography of Berthold Viertel (to be published soon), one of Kraus’s closest friends, and is interested in Kraus’s personal and professional relationships as well as the interaction of the “Kraus-Kreis” with other creative circles in Vienna 1900. She lives in Vienna with her husband Eugen and her son Jakob. You can follow her on Twitter here.


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